Luke 16:1-15

GOAL: The student learns Spiritual Truths from JESUS prediction of death and the blind beggar’s faith.

INDICATOR: The student can share some Spiritual Truths they learn from these passages of Scriptures.


  1. Write “DEATH” ;ole this on the Board. “Write “BLINDNESS” on the Board as well. This lesson has a Death prediction and a Blind beggar’s response of faith in JESUS.

QUESTIONS: What might it be like to know the exact time and way you will die? Ask if anyone knows what it’s like to be blind?

  1. Read and discuss verses 31-34. a] JESUS states: “Everything that is written by the prophets about the SON
    of MAN will be fulfilled.” Read these scriptures: 1] Betrayal Psalm 41:9 2] Crucifixion Psalm 22:16-18 3] Resurrection Psalm 16:8-10 b] What is the significance of JESUS proceeding to Jerusalem even though
    HE knew what would happen to HIM? c] As we approach Resurrection Sunday [Easter] describe what it means to
    you knowing that JESUS went to Jerusalem on our behalf and in
    obedience to the FATHER knowing what would happen to HIM? d] Why didn’t the disciples understand what JESUS told them?
  2. Read and discuss verses 35-39:

NOTES ON JERICHO: Is this the same Jericho that was conquered and destroyed by GOD under the leadership of Joshua in the Old Testament? Yes or No

Jericho had been destroyed [Joshua 6:20] but Herod the Great had rebuild the city as a site for his winter palace. However, he did not rebuild on its original site. It was rebuilt about a mile south of its original site.

   a]  The Blind man calls JESUS "SON of David."  What is significant about the
         title:  "Son of David?"

NOTE: “Son of David” – by using this messianic title the blind man was expressing his faith in JESUS as the MESSIAH who could save him. He believed, not because of his sight, he had none, he believed because of what he had heard.

   b]  Why was the crowd annoyed at the blind man and why was he so 
         insistent in getting JESUS' attention?
  1. Read and discuss verses 40-43. a] Respond to this Statement: “Any normal human being heading toward
    certain death would be extremely preoccupied and probably not in the
    mood to help others. But JESUS in HIS humanity was perfect and HIS
    perfect mercy and compassion did not ebb and flow with HIS feelings
    or HIS schedule.” [See verse 40a] b] “JESUS asked him, what do you want ME to do for you?” Why did JESUS
    ask this? Wasn’t it obvious? c] Ask each student to write one response to JESUS’ question: “What do you
    want ME to do for you?” Ask them not to put their names on the paper,
    tear it off and give it to you. Caution them to avoid clichés such as “Make
    me a better Christian.” Get personal and specific. d] What was the blind beggar’s response after being healed? In what ways
    is this a good model for us?

GOAL: The student learns how to use money to accomplish Spiritual Goals and the proper Stewardship of GOD’S resources given to us.

INDICATOR: The student evaluates his/her money uses to see if it is being used for Spiritual goals and property handled as a steward of JESUS CHRIST.


1. Write this key word on the Board: [a]

STEWARD: Manager of a household or estate. His job was to work for his masters best interest

b] Ask a student to read “Let’s Get Started” on page 207 in their


2. “Get Forever Friends” Read and discuss verses 1-4

a] Who is JESUS addressing this parable to?

b] What two things CAN’T the steward do?

NOTE: Teachers, don’t get stuck here. JESUS is telling a parable to make a Spiritual Application. Don’t debate whether he can or can’t do what he says.

Give An Account Of Your Stewardship” – The word “Account” here means “Computation,” “Reckoning.” The steward is to give a final report of where things stand and then turn over the accounting books to his master. He is still officially the steward until he turns in the accounting books, thus he can still act on behalf of his master. [v2]

3. “How To Win Friends;” “You Got Me” Read and discuss verses 5-9

KEY WORD: SHREWD – Mischievous, Clever discerning awareness. Some synonyms are: Beguiling, cagey, scheming. The KJV uses the word – “Wise”

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